Their bodies are strikingly bright white, and males having dark black streaks on their dorsal, pelvic, and ventral fins. While specimens kept by aquarists are generally bright white with black markings, specimens from different areas of Lake Malawi exhibit different coloring. In fact, their quality is determined mostly on appearance, with brighter white, less yellow, and minimal appearance of the bars along their broad side making a better cichlid. Males and females are sexually monomorphic with most males exhibiting black ventral fins and broader black dorsal stripe, though the best way to sex them would require examining their vents, while behavior can provide reliable hints (females tend to be smaller and less aggressive). In their natural habitat, white labs grow to about 9 cm in length, and have been known to reach 15 cm in captivity.

Labidochromis caeruleus Nkhata


be carefull when mixing with white with yellow labs they will mate wich will cause hybrids this is good do purposefully cross breed these or blue labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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